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Penthouse Dog Potty

Touchstone Dog Potty PLEASE NOTE: Sorry, this item is not avaialble until further notice.
The Penthouse Dog Potty is built to be attractive, and designed for functionality and ease of maintenance. The stylish, contemporary design of the Penthouse Potty will blend in with almost any room or patio decor. It looks like a play area, much nicer than unsightly and messy littler trays, stained pee pads, or a welcome mat size of fake grass sitting in a tray of fluids.

The potty has premium artificial K9 Grass which is specially developed for dog use and is engineered for easy flow of liquids through its antimicrobial material. This large 35 x 35 inch "go" area is suitable for small to larger dogs up to 125 pounds. Underneath is the unique drainage tray that allows liquids to run through the channels, then collect in the catch pan for easy removal. The pan comes with a cover to make transport for disposal splash free.

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Penthouse Dog Potty
Large Dog Potty
Full Size Dog Potty with 35" by 35" K9 Grass

Classic Penthouse
Large Dog Potty
With otional 2 1/2" high wood ball finials

K9 Grass and Tray
K9 Grass and Drainage Tray
Fluids flow through the K9 Grass onto the drainage tray

Catch Pan with Cover
Catch Pan, Cover and Prop Stick
Catch Pan with Cover and Prop Stick to hold tray up

Open Dog Potty
Open Dog Potty
Penthouse Potty opened up to show Catch Pan

Touchstone Pet Dog Potty
Thouchstone Pet Dog Potty
Touchstone Pet Dog Potty in a Sun Room

Penthouse Dog Potty
Thouchstone Pet Dog Potty
Touchstone Pet Dog Potty in a Spare Room

Touchstone Pet Dog Potty
Thouchstone Pet Dog Potty
Touchstone Pet Dog Potty on a Patio

Not only for indoors, the custom-made wooden frame is finished with black, moisture-resistant, semi gloss paint, so the dog potty may be placed on a covered patio or other overhead protected outdoor location. Hand made in the USA for the highest quality available.

Even for occasional use, the Penthouse Dog Potty can be of great help in those situations when it is inconvenient or unable to go for a walk. When it rains, snows, or during long hours away from home, the potty on the patio, garage or spare room will allow a dog to a place to go.

If the dog or owner prefer using the real thing, grass and sod can be purchased at a local nursery and placed on the drainage tray. Real grass, turf or sod will need to be replaced every week.

The K9 Grass area is 35" x 35" x 9" high. Overall the frame is 41" x 41" and 9" high (12.5" with the optional decorative ball finials).

Using the Penthouse Dog Potty

Daily Usage
After the dog has done his business, solids should be removed with a scooper to flush away or bagged for proper disposal. As needed, the large 6 quart catch pan that collects the urine will need to be emptied. The pan has a cover making it easy to transport. No need for absorption pads to throw out and much easier than a shallow tray spilling while carrying to empty.

Ongoing Maintenance
Maintenance is the key for odor control. With proper cleaning, the Penthouse Potty will stay fresh. How often depends on amount of use and when needed. Flush the grass while on the tray with water and disinfectant mixed in or sprayed on, then empty the catch pan. Periodically remove the grass and rinse it off with a hose or in the shower and disinfect. Disinfectants such as Virkon broad spectrum disinfectant or other bio-enzyme products are recommended and carried by many pet stores. The drainage tray and catch pan are made of polyethylene so they are resistant to odors.

Dog personalities differ and learning periods vary, but with a little guidance and training, dogs should be receptive to using the Penthouse Potty as they currently are used to going elsewhere. Puppies can start training on their first day in their new home. A little encouragement with treats, verbal commands and praise will aid in this training. In some cases, if needed, training sprays like Simple Solutions or other dog potty aids are available at most pet stores.

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