Touchstone Pet Products

About Us


Made in America

Provide practical and functional pet products combined with the high quality and value that only can be made in the USA.


Our combined experiences allow us to provide the best that our customers expect. They include:

Retail: Over a decade Pet Industry retail, understanding the needs of pets and their owners.

Manufacturing: Building, developing processes and managing successful production manufacturing in pet and jewelry industries.

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Domestic USA Sourcing, both as provider and for procurement: Over 25 years developing and making OEM components for manufactures including Fortune 500 Companies in addition to finding US base sources, from raw materials to complete units for our needs.

Most important... We have and love our pets! Nothing better than those experiences.


Touchstone (noun)
1. A hard black stone used to test and identify the quality of precious metals by the streak left on the stone.
2. A standard of quality.

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