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Cedar Dog Pet Steps

Pup Stairs Pet StepsOur Cedar Steps, also know as our original "Pup Stairs", are ideal for outdoor use. Grit strips are on each step for additional traction. Overall 18" wide and each step is 6" high which have been proven to be the best for most pets. Each set of steps has a handle cut into the back. Made of solid weather resistant cedar, they are shipped unfinished which will weather to a light gray patina or the customer can seal or stain if so desired. All models come complete with no assembly required. Take out of the box and use right away.

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Cedar Pet Steps
1, 2 and 3 Cedar Steps
Single, double and triple steps.

Single pet step
Single Cedar Pet Step
Single step with handle. Handles are on all cedar steps models.

Double pet step
Double Cedar Pet Step
2 step - car front door

Double pet step
Double Cedar Pet Step
2 step - back of van

Triple pet step
Triple Cedar Pet Step
3 step - back of van

Quad pet step
Quad Cedar Pet Step
4 step - pickup

Grit Strips
Grit strips on Cedar Pet Step 2, 4" wide strips per step for extra traction

Each step 6" high. Overall 18" wide. Rated over 250 lbs.
Top step 10 3/4" deep, Lower steps 10 1/2" deep
1 Step - 6 1/4" high x 10 3/4"
2 Step - 12 1/4"" high x 20 3/4" deep
3 Step - 18 1/4" high x 30 3/4" deep
4 Step - 24 1/4" high x 40" deep

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